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Based on our unique MALDI mass spectrometry technology and decades of crosslinking experiences, CovalX offers a specialized characterization of epitopes with high resolution. Using mass spectrometry and covalent tagging (though crosslinking), it is possible to characterize conformational and linear epitopes in weeks with a resolution of 1-3 amino acids. Without the need for peptide synthesis or micro-array chips, mass spectrometry allows the identification of the interacting peptides with unmatched accuracy. This technique provides the lowest cost, lowest sample consumption and shortest analysis time possible when compared with other conformational epitope mapping techniques. Additionally, because the protein complexes are first covalently stabilized, multiple enzymes can be utilized providing highly optimized digestion conditions with the highest sequence coverage possible.

This technique can provide both epitope and paratope data in one experiment. Over the years this technique has been established as a reliable source of data for both research and patent filing purposes.

Timeline, Sample Requirements & Resolution

  • Timeline: 3-4 weeks for one epitope; 5-6 weeks for projects with up to 5 epitopes against the same antigen. Possibility to screen simultaneously up to 100 monoclonal antibodies against the same target.
  • Sample Requirement: 150 ug of antigen and 150 ug of mAb/epitope.
  • Resolution down to 1-3 amino acids.
  • Applicable for conformational, discontinuous and linear epitopes.
  • Applicable for any therapeutic proteins or antigen. No limit in size. No limit in complexity (multimers, hydrophobicity) 
  • No need for crystallography, recombinant protein work, peptide synthesis, micro-array. The interaction is analyzed directly, by mass spectrometry.
  • Cost: The CovalX techniques save money in 3 ways

For example patents, publications or comparison data please see our library or contact us directly.

An overview of epitope mapping technologies can be seen here.

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